This Goddess is focused on lap band surgery

I don’t mean to make this all about lap band and weight loss, but as a modern goddess, that is what I personally am dealing with right now-so here goes.

I go today for an xray of my upper GI tract-I have to drink barrium first. No food too. Then I will have an abdominal ultrasound. I am nervous. I could hardly sleep. I’m not really afraid per se, just nervous. I want this so badly. Waiting is not my strong suit.

I ate last night. Hubby makes holiday dinners-this one was one of his worst. The turkey was good (thanx Ron Popeil) but everything else was pretty bad. Hubby admitted it himself. I still ate. I was hungry. I felt like crap later. Especially after the chocolate silk pie from Whole Foods. I really really really am getting complete with food. I am ready to say goodbye to hunger and fatness.


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