Goddessness And The Power Of Positive Thinking

Ugh-I had the Upper GI today-I had to drink barium (YUCH) and stand/lie on this x-ray table while they xrayed my digestion in “action”. The coolness of the whole thing was eclipsed by the yuchiness of the whole thing. But I survived-and am back to my young self after a few cups of cocoa.

One thing that I thought was really interesting was after I drank one of the cups of barium. It landed in my stomach and they wanted it to work it’s way through to my small intestines. They asked me to think about eating foods that I really enjoyed. I had been thinking about how much I wished I could puke up the gross stuff in my tummy. Apparently this type of thinking actually impacts one’s digestion-halting it almost completely. Even according to straight doctor types. Then when thinking of lasagne and ice cream the barium went happily on it’s way.

I was struck by several things. First of all, that damn positive thinking thing, which I hear so much about to the point where I want to shoot the next person with a grenade launcher who tells me to say an affirmation to cure what ails me, apparently is very powerful after all. (Curse you Louise Hay, chiropractors and my mother-I hate it when you’re right!) Also, in the midst of a medical procedure to prepare me for weight loss surgery, I had to talk out loud about foods that I like. I was really ashamed.

And now, the airy-fairy realm of feelings about food is actually a real thing-which effects my ability to digest food. So, I will pray and affirm in a very positive way to have positive feelings about digesting what I eat.

Maybe if I think about celery when I eat a cookie, my body will respond as if it was celery?

So today, no matter what I eat, I say…I am eating celery-mmmm-yummy celery.

Also, I love my body-no matter what size she is and love to digest food and derive nutrients from it. I deserve health and happiness and goddessness. Yummy!



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2 responses to “Goddessness And The Power Of Positive Thinking

  1. So the Barium drink WAS pretty gross, eh?

    Hey now- pretty interesting about the “thinking about food” thing. I am impressed.

    You are awesome.

  2. It takes one to know one! You ROCK!

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