A Day Off Full of Goddessness!

Nobody has a business called Goddessness. It’s mine-slowly my Goddess empire will take over the world. Really it’s everyone’s Goddess empire-but we’ll keep that between you me and the billions of lamposts that we call the human race. We will take over the world and the pursuit of all the Ps will be eminenet, Pleasure, Power, Passion, Prayer, Pinball (Well-it begins with P!)…I’ll add more later.

Do I sound crazy today? Maybe it’s the crazy sound of freedom! Hubby and son have gone off to visit the out laws in Charleston, SC and will be gone until tomorrow night. Due to a slight falling out, the out laws want nothing to do with me, which is ok for today! I am a free woman/Goddess. Also, I begin the Fast Track Detox Diet tomorrow on the way to my lap band surgery on the 10th of Jan. So….I am eating whatever I want today. No meal times, no feeding anyone else, no health guidlines, just me me me!

Another pure pleasure of mine is watching movies. After a visit to Yahoo Movies to determine that there was not one thing that I really cared about I hunkered down in my wonderful Lazy Goddess chair and have watched two wonderful movies. Stardust and Flakes. Flakes is an indie that is on Comcast On Demand and worth every penny of the $6.99 that I paid to watch it. Wonderful! I really enjoyed Stardust too. I like happy movies. I like romance. I like the pursuit of passion and pleasure!

I like the pursuit of Goddess. Goddessness. Let’s all catch it like a pandemic and spread it all over the world! On with my day of pleasure!


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