Entering A New Era Of Comfort

I am going to the hospital today to get my surgery. I had to take my nose jewelry out. I feel somewhat naked without it. I haven’t been without since I got it in a year ago when I dedicated myself to the Goddess. It was so tight that I had to go back to Piercing Experience to get it removed. It was a pink stone with purple titanium around it. I bought a new one-it is light green peridot with silver titanium. I was really stressed about it but the good thing is that the woman there showed me how to do it myself so now I am empowered. Plus I am over the phase of reclaiming pink and moving on to other colors.

So anyway, off I go to the hospital in about 30 minutes. I am nervous. Sort of about surgery, sort of about the whole big thing. Never again will I have the satisfaction of a eating a large meal and feeling stuffed and sort of sleepy and drugged. Never the comfort of a dozen donut holes and some donuts too. MMM-so good. I have suffered much for my comfort so now I will learn new ways to comfort that won’t end with me being too big to fit in an airplane seat. I am ready-I am willing-I am stepping into the unknown.

I pray to the Goddess to protect my son, to take care of me and to keep me safe. I want to be healthy and move on to the next challenge-or else just enjoy for a while. I don’t know, I just want to live a life not plagued by hunger and food obsession.

I want to say thank you to my wonderful friends and family who have shown their true colors and been amazing. Also, I want to send love out to my xBFF-The Empress and send her lots of love. I miss you.

Thank you-Blessed Be.


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  1. Here’s to wishing you well…. Your boy is good, well fed, bathed, and asleep! yippee!!
    Love to you Goddess Celeste!

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