Goddess Visited Me And I Felt Her!

Post Op. That’s me. I survived. It hurt. But I survived. When I was in the recovery room I felt Goddess. I’ve been praying to feel her presence for a long time. I just felt full of her love for a while. I initially felt like crap. I was really really thirsty. There was this really great nurse who gave me some ice chips even though she wasn’t supposed to. She told me to make sure that they totally melted before I swallowed.

I kept feeling like I wanted to tell her “Goddess Blessings To You,” but then I thought that I didn’t want to offend her. I was thinking of how everyone feels like it’s ok to tell me all about Jesus and they never worry about offending me so why should I worry? I finally said, “I hope this doesn’t offend you, but Goddess blessings to you.” She told me that ,”is who I serve.” She was she was a believer as was the nurse who was going to be caring for me in my room. I felt so happy. I really felt blessed. It turns our fellow believer was off duty by the time I got up there but it was still awesome.

I remember thinking that I better take really good care of my skin as I heal because I do not ever want to have surgery again. It really hurts!

I went home the next day. I am ok. My incisions hurt and sometimes I feel like crying but othewise am ok so far.

Blessed be.


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  1. Nurses can be angels on earth, can’t they? I’m glad you came through the surgery well.

    Goddess bless you is something I want to say to a lot of people, but I shy away because I don’t want to offend. However, no one seems to have a problem with saying “god bless you.” I am thankful to have gods and goddesses blessing me! I think we need to be a little more outspoken about our love for Goddess and all things feminine. It’s time the world realized that the womb is the place of creation!


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