Lookin’ Good-Inside and Out

Today is day 8 post op. I am getting somewhat into a rhythm. I am making sure to have all my protein each day as that is crucial for healing. I also finally got the fiber that my doc recommended, it’s called, Benefiber. It actually dissolved so well that I really couldn’t tell it was mixed in. I had a liquid multi/fiber drink and felt so healthy! I recommend this fiber for anyone! Hubby asked if it “worked”. I will have to get back to you on that. I recommend it for anyone!

Let’s see-there is much to report. On Tuesday night-I reclaimed my body! I actually took the time (and yes it took while) to have my first post op orgasm! YEAH! It wasn’t the greatest one ever, but I was so glad to have my self back. I really feel that a woman’s ability to pleasure herself if so connected with her spirit and power-I am glad to report that I am back in the solitary saddle. I think that I will have to wait for the incisions to heal for a bit longer before getting back in the saddle with Hubby. It’s so great that I don’t have to be dependent on anyone for my own orgasm!

Why is it important? I believe that Goddess gave us the ability for a great reason! Why would we be able to cause ourselves such joy without any negative consequences (except those sometimes imposed by society) unless it was a vital part of our existence? So ladies reading this – if you’re not already on the bandwagon-please climb on and have some fun! Ok, I’ll get off my soap box now.

Next, I saw this great show yesterday, called, How to Look Good Naked. It’s on Lifetime. Hosted by Carson Kressley of Queer Eye For the Straight Guy fame. I find if frustrating that it takes a gay man to teach women how to love their bodies but at least someone is doing it! Plus he is really funny. I want to be really really clear that just because I had weight loss surgery does not mean that I think that I have to be thin to be beautiful. I have achieve a weight where I cannot do the things that I dream of, I have difficulty playing with my son, I cannot fit into lots of chairs including airplane seats, I can barely buckle my car seat belt, I have difficulty reaching my butt for wiping, and sex is less enjoyable because of my big belly. So, all the gory detail is to tell you that I still think I am beautiful and sexy. I am excited about getting smaller for lots of reasons and yes, some of them are about clothes and appearance but I do not think that I need to be a small woman to be a sexy one. Also, I will never have a perfect body, since NO ONE does and will continue to learn to love me more every day. I also got the surgery because I have spent a life time obsessing about what to eat and what not to eat and I am ready to spend my energy on other pursuits. I recommend this show because it teaches all women to love their bodies and enjoy them as they are today!

So, I love the show because it take women who are really pretty normal and teaches them to love and flaunt their body.

I think that is about it for me for now. I with that I could find a photographer who would do a tasteful line of nude photos for me-photographers out there-new biz opp!



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2 responses to “Lookin’ Good-Inside and Out

  1. I am so proud of you for the effort you are making to be healthy and to enjoy your life. I watched that LOOK GOOD NAKED show and nearly cried. I’m only about 20 pounds overweight, but I think we all have issues with our body that come from a lack of self-esteem. Society can really be harsh. That makes it all the more important to be nice to ourselves. I wish you well in obtaining a healthy balance in life.


  2. I agree with Yvonne here … I’ve never seen the show, but am inspired by your mission to take back your life!


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