I grew up believing that hunger is bad

I’ve been having a hard time lately. Feeling the loss of a best friend-eating and food. Also feeling hungry and wanting to eat eat eat. Pixiemomma recommended that I try the eat every 3 hours thing and it seems to be working. I believe that I am still losing.

It’s weird but I grew up believing that hunger is bad-go figure-I became obese. So now, even with surgery, I must come to terms with being in a body. Loving the experience of eating and hunger. It is truly the Goddessness journey. I believe as we embrace more and more the experience of being in a body, it opens up our spirituality. They are inextricably linked.

Also, this week, I had days of migraines. I went back on the pill last month. On my off week my head exploded. Or at least I wished it would. So no pill for me. I’m looking for birth control solutions that work for a woman who is sensitive to chemicals and a man who does not liking wearing a condom. Goddesses like getting laid! Help!


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