Bugs, Bargains And Butterflies

The stomach bug is no lady bug. Instead-she is a total blood sucking dung beetle who drags you up 20 flights of stairs to the penthouse and pushes you over the balcony railing. She then rushes down to the bottom floor and when you smack the pavement she starts to nibble on your gooey remains.

The benefit of spending Valentine’s Day dry heaving into a bucket is that when I was feeling better (yes-despite my initial misgivings-I eventually did feel better) my candy was 1/2 off.  Hubby and I are so sick of being in debt and not having the life we want that we have radically changed our perspective on spending. He bragged about the deal and I ooed and ahhed at his shopping prowess.

I have begun to write a book. I have purchased The Artist’s Way. I spent an hour looking through spell books at The Phoenix and The Dragon and I went through my closet. I got rid of everything that I hate and that has spots on it. I also got rid of the things that don’t flatter me. I still have small clothes but only the ones that I’m actually looking forward to fitting in to.

I am re-embracing my inner witch. She is growing more powerful by the moment as I integrate my selves and willingly go through the growing pains of cocoonhood and emergence. I am a butterfly. I am going to emerge. I have emerged.


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