Biology Will Always Win-No More Talk Of Low Willpower-Just Power

My struggle with eating health food has always been my appetite, so when my band is adjusted well and I am not overly  hungry-I eat very well-low wheat/high protein the whole healthy deleo but when I am hungry all the time I just can’t stick to that. It has been my life long battle/journey.

One of the theories that I’ve read about is that some of us have a genetic pre-disposition to overeat during times of abundance and then we are all set for times of scarcity. During the “old days” this was the cycle of life. Now that we are in a constant state of abundance, our brains and biology just don’t know how to adapt. Add in the constant availability of food that is not nutritionally rich and sound and you get a recipe for the obesity epidemic that we are facing. For people who are obese, which means they have a BMI of 35 or more, there is a 90% failure rate with an weight loss program, even if successful-it will all be gained back because we are constantly fighting our biology and usually biology wins. With the lap band the opposite is the case. There is a 90% (or something like that) success rate-because of the ability to stimulate the full hormones and nerve endings in our stomachs without overeating we actually are successful. There was even a study in Australia on overweight people with diabetes. With lap band surgery their condition was not managed but actually cured whereas with diet and exercise it was just managed.

Everyone is different and needs to find the solution that works for them. Also the solutions that work for people who are overweight versus obese are different (they are actually medical terms). I am at the beginning of my lap band journey but am looking so forward to continuing-I have hope and a real sense that I can be successful without suffering constantly-I am very excited.  So yes, I must eat healthy and exercise-the surgery is a tool to help me eat less and that is all-the rest is up to me. But it is such a great tool! I have been walking and doing the elliptical at the gym. I worked out 20 days in Feb. In a few weeks or month I will begin a weight lifting regime as well to assure that I lose fat and not muscle.

I believe that lap band surgery is a great medical solution to living in an unnatural world.


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