I sometimes (frequently) feel like I am not a “real” pagan. Not a Wiccan. I don’t celebrate the Sabbats, I haven’t done ritual in forever. I haven’t danced naked in ages. I don’t even hardly look at my altar.

When I am scared, or sad or just want to talk, I always pray to Goddess. She is always there for me and I really believe that. I am not a Christian. I will never be a Christian. Sometimes I want to shout it from the rafters-I AM A GODDESS LOVER-DON’T MISTAKE ME FOR ONE OF YOU!!! But there are so many things wrong with this, like for example, I don’t actually know what rafters are or where to find any.

I am an imperfect, tired, lazy, human being who believes that a woman created us and a man helped. That spirit has no gender but beings with gender must have gender in their relationship with spirit.

I believe that no western religion gives women their proper place. They are always second. Not even equal.

Goddess please help me to be a vessel for you on this earth, for your love and infinite compassion. Please give me faith. Please help me to encourage women to love themselves, both literally and figuratively. For if all the women in the world were happy-the world would be a much better place. Just ask my husband if anyone in the house can be happy when I am not. “When mommy’s happy-everyone is happy.”

Thank you.

Blessed Be.



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4 responses to “I AM A GODDESS LOVER

  1. God knows I understand people trying to label me because I do not follow mainstream beliefs. The only thing that helps me is knowing that this is where that person needs to be in this particular life time. For me, I love all religions. They intrigue me. In regards to Goddess, I focus on Laksmi and Kuan Yin.
    Blessed Be!

  2. I don’t even know how to label myself! I love Kuan Yin. I don’t know much about Laksmi. I do know that if more of us revered Goddess we would show more respect for women.
    I also know that all is as it is meant to be and that “nothing is wrong”. It is hard to really believe that sometimes when reading about starvation, bombing, child prostitution etccc..

    I can’t figure it all out
    blessed be

  3. no dening that it is a jacked up world…child abuse, rape, genecide, yeah, jacked up world. I’m not sure if anyone can ever figure it out. I just keep my family wrapped in the white light and hope that people learn to work on higher vibrational levels. I also agree, I wish society would show women more respect, but the problem is most women don’t even realize their worth.
    P.S. Laksmi is Hindu, and is great to pray to for prosperity and general guidance.
    blessed be

  4. What a lovely piece Celeste! It sounds like what you are doing by talking to Goddess is what I call “Daily Salutes” – your story resonated at this level for me anyway.

    And thanks for your post about the arrival of my darling Little Star. I hadn’t heard that tip about letting dogs smell the baby blankets, but I’ll get to work on it. Blaze the wonder dog isn’t a problem with her – he tends to ignore her more than anything! lol

    Love and blissings,

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