Nothing Else Matters

Tonight hubby called and I could hear a screaming child in the background. I paniced. Then I realized that he would have told me if he was on his way to the ER.

Then I was thinking, how going to the ER (for something non life threatening) is a kind of relief. For however long you’re there, nothing else matters. How much sleep we are all getting, how much credit card debt we have, how we’re going to pay all the bills this month, how fat I am, what I ate today, how nice the house looks. None of this matters, for just a little while. I want that. Not the ER visit, but the nothing else matters.

I told my hubby that we have been too involved in the rat race lately. We need to go to church. This is hard for us as he is Catholic and I am Pagan/Jewish/Universalist/Non-Christian.

So I just want to get to that place of such gratitude for my life and the lives of my loved ones that nothing else matters.


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