Goddess Lovers Are Everywhere!

I was at a group and was talking to a psychologist about finding a new therapist. I kept asking about something written about each therapist to help me choose. I finally spat out that I am looking for someone who is spiritual and will support me in my faith in Goddess. He was very receptive and another attendee said she is a Goddess lover too! Watch out world-here come the Goddess lovers-we are everywhere!



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3 responses to “Goddess Lovers Are Everywhere!

  1. OnlyMoments,

    I liked what you wrote. I really want to find a way to incorporate spirit and sense of spirit into my daily life. Or more than now I guess. I think bickering over the details of religions that are peaceful is a total waste of time and resources and I wish the world would move on already!


  2. It sometimes takes a lifetime -if ever- for people to actually think about their origins and ultimate destiny……..distractions become paramount as to focus on reality requires much effort and understanding……………….yes, I wish the world would move on with it as well, but radical change requires bloodly revolution and gradual change takes eons. Let’s be happy we know we are on the right track. That’s all we have.

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