Sometimes Biology Is A B.TCH!

My son is turning 6 tomorrow. Right now it seems sad. I remember when he was a baby and I could see the toddler in him, and then a toddler and I saw the boy in him. Now a boy and I already begin to see the man in him. I am proud of who he is and who he is becoming and I miss the baby he was.

Sometimes biology is a bitch.

I’m not ready to have another baby but all the urges are in place to make sure that I feel 100% certain that another baby is what I need right NOW!

BTW-Every woman/goddess/sister should read the book: Forget Perfect by Lisa Earle McLeod. It is a breath of fresh air with wonderful and enjoyable lessons for women on how to just be happy and stop trying to be perfect. She says, “To Err Is Human, To Laugh About It Divine.”

I can’t find the exact quote but Anita Diamante in Pitching My Tent, said something like…Every day I watch my child grow a little farther away from me.

So sad, so joyful, so true.



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3 responses to “Sometimes Biology Is A B.TCH!

  1. neilina

    Yep! I hate biology…why is it making me to grow old?

  2. I want to not hate growing older myself, but I do too. I want to feel like a Goddess even when I see new lines around my eyes.


  3. neilina

    wow! Feeling like Goddess… is such an exquisite idea. I am just imagining how it will feel when my hairs will be grey and that new lines. But I have a fear that I cannot do all the things which I can do now!

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