Passion And Survival-The Balance

American Idol just makes me want to follow my dreams! I want to express my passions and be my best self! I write erotica, I write romance, I write personal growth and sometimes I just feel like my life is sucked away on the details.

However, even Bette Midler has to do dishes every now and again! So do singers, artists and writers-we all have to do dishes and laundry. So I must remember that most animals were given the life, by Goddess, of focusing entirely on survival and procreation and human were given the gift of being able to spend our surplus energy on expression and maybe it’s ok that I don’t always have a surplus-this does not make me any less passionate.

I love coaches-I love atheletic coaches because they seem to really get to drive atheletes to be their best. Other coaches do that too I guess. I love the movie Remember The Titans. I sometimes wish that we had Goddess Teams where we can strive to be our best and get coached towards it too. I know that lots of personal growth places do seminars like this but when life is going full speed it seems like there just isn’t enough time.

I don’t know where this is going but I do know that I love to see my fingers fly accross the keyboard and I love to express my thoughts in writing. To me it is beautiful that nothing turns into something. Writing takes the etherial and makes it real. I believe that may be my whole f*cking mission-to take the etherial and make it real.

Goddess Bless


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