Penis Shrinking Epidemic-Witches Are Everywhere!

I’m so stunned today by an article that I read that I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Apparently, there has been a rash of witchcraft related penis thefts in Africa. While the offending organ may not actually go away, it may shrink and become useless. Men must especially beware of sharing a taxi with a man wearing a gold ring. He is definitely a witch. Not just any witch but one who enjoys randomly stealing a man’s penis. Fun Fun Fun.

I am struck by many things. One, my western judgemental self says what a bunch of idiots these people are. Another wonders if maybe the company that produces viagra has subcontracted these horrible witches to assault men in the US and drive up the demand for the penis enhancer. Possible ED is really just caused by witchcraft!

Finally I wonder, how many of the beliefs that we have about what is “real” and “true” are really just as outlandish as this one when seen by an outsider. Some that come to mind: “Gay people are evil” “The earth was created by God 8000 years ago” “Tarot cards are the work of the devil” I could keep going all day.

So, men, watch out for other men wearing gold rings, they are spreading their penis shrinking magic all over the place!

Goddesses-be heartened, we are not the only crazy people in the world who believe in magic!


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