The Goddess Does Idol

I have been told by my friend Wabes that my Idol judging is amazing so I am going to start posting my astounding observations!

Last night was a  bum night. I think that Neil Diamond is a tough choice for young singers since they haven’t really heard much of his music before. I think that David Archuleta did ok-he is so talented that he can sing anything but there was no soul in it. I can’t help but wonder if he is still a virgin? I want to tell him to go get laid, get his heart broken, get drunk and then come back. I think it will take a little of the sweet and innocent out of his voice and hopefully leave him seasoned and more soulful.

David Cook is my man. He rocks-literally. Still it was a weak night for him too. He did ok. I cast my first ever vote just to make sure that his bum night didn’t get him accidentally voted off the show.

Brooke-ugh. Her second song was better than the first which was, as Simon said, “a nightmare”, but still, I’m ready for her and her manipulative vulnerability to get her ass out the door. Having said that, I think that Jason Castro sucked. He seems like a stoner to me. Out of it, inarticulate, and unmotivated. I think he has a great career ahead of him as a singer in college coffee houses.

I had hoped that Syesha would have been voted off by now but she is still there. I hate to say it but I think the fact that she is the only black artist on the show (I don’t think that Chikezie counted as an artist) is what has saved her thus far. She actually did ok last night so I think that she lucked out because now Jason and Brooke are higher on the chopping block than she is so she will make it for another week.

It’s hard for me to believe that this is the best that America has to offer right now. But – at least for this year- it is.

I am going to call tonight’s results and say that Jason Castro will get voted off the show. If he’d just go get a f*cking hair cut and a backbone and then he’d have a shot as he is pretty talented but I doubt that will happen any time soon.

So there you have it-stay tuned for more exciting commentary!



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4 responses to “The Goddess Does Idol

  1. Chasee

    David Cook is your man? Sorry I don’t see the attraction and the hoopla with this guy. Let me guess, you like men that Shout at you (hmmm abused as a child before?) Word Nerds whose hobbies are puzzles and sleeping…hmmm, arrogant attitude (so full of himself already), Daughtry wannabe, bad hairdo days weekly, and yes, he can shout his song out every week (with his eyes closed)…geeeeeeeeeeeez. Stop the yelling already. Can we just listen to some beautiful lyrics without the SHOUTING? Even Jesus got his earplugs out when Carly sang Jesus Christ Superstar, blinded by her unfinished Geisha tattoos. Her husband on Regis promised to complete this soon. YUK more tatoos, enough already. David Archuleta is my favorite. Some of us in the older generation, still adore the clean cut look, where we can still, after growing up in a rock and roll era, hope for another teen idol for us to adore and remind us of the days, when a pure voice was absolutely super nice and soulful. Aaah to be young again and adore the David Archuleta everyone is so jealous of…soon he will be a millionaire and laugh at you all. 🙂 The rest of you can go out and buy David Cook’s CD it is already sold on Amazon. Get a headstart to his shouting, and the eyeliner that he will be wearing soon. Perhaps he and Carly can get some cool tatoos together…oooooooh there is my rock american idol. YUK! Sorry only my opinion. Different strokes for different folks.

  2. Ann

    Is your idea of good talent someone who needs to get laid and get drunk and get a better voice. I believe that was included in your article…Geez! You must know and have those special talents yourself. He is 17 years old and he is competing on national live TV and is mentored by the best in the business. Your mentorship and advice to David A is to go get laid and get drunk? See that is why he has so many fans (younger and older) because he is young and he does not need to show how drunk he can get or how many girls he can get laid with…We need a new young role model for all of us. He has a lot to teach all of us. You included. Obvioulsy you lack talents that is why you think in order to develop one you need to be X rated…Great! I hope you teach your children (if you are ever lucky enough to have them) better morals than this.

  3. Thanx both of you for your feedback. I do like the clean cut look and I don’t think that David A. is awful-just that a little living will help him find his own voice. David Cook is ok looking-I like his voice. And I do agree about the shouting. Enough already

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