Idol Elaboration – “We Can Be Sexual AND Innocent”

I have been bothered by Ann’s comment on my Idol post. Basically she was infuriated that I suggested that getting laid and drunk were an essential part of growing up. I was rather flippant when discussing David Archuleta so I want to be more specific about what I meant. I meant that he is an extremely talented singer but does not have enough life experience to put his own voice into his music. I think that the reason why he does so well with songs about coming home, missing home and family are because at 17, that is something that he has a deep relationship with but it is lacking in other areas. I have no doubt that he will be extremely successful but I wish that he could have lived his life as an “normal” a little longer before fame found him. Hopefully, he has a strong enough foundation so that fame will not remove his ability to have a “normal” life for while.

I don’t think that a rated X lifestyle is important but I do think that sexuality and pleasure are all a vital and essential part of who we are as humans. I believe that to deny our sexual nature is to deny who we are. I am not saying that promiscuity is required for that to be validated, but our sexual selves must be expressed and explored. I believe that part of my mission with and is to spread the word that we can be sexual AND innocent. That expressing our true nature does not take away from our Goddessliness (Godliness). As mush as cleanliness is next to Godliness, so is sexuality, anger, violent urges and other baser things. They must be expressed responsibly and lovingly if possible but they are a part of who we are. So I just want for David Archuleta and all of us to know that we need to experience the whole of ourselves and that they do not remove our innocence but enhance it.

On another note, I want to discuss Carly. Her tatoos are a wonderful expression for her of who she is and what she cares about. Sometimes, in a world where being like everyone else is expected, being boldly different is the only way to feel whole. I think that she was a better performer when her tattoos were showing and that her main problem was that she didn’t know how to express her soul and be an “American Idol”. I hope that she continues to explore that because she is so talented and amazing


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