Body Fluid Clean Up Kit-Elementary School Memories

Today, I had the honor of accompanying my son on a school field trip as chaperone. I sat in the school bus and suddenly felt about 8 years old. Dorky, fat, out of place, social outcast, wrong. I didn’t want to sit up front, that is where the geeks sat (I should know) and in the back is where the cool kids sat and they bounce around a lot. I decided to play it safe and sit in the middle. Of course, nothing but a bunch of kindergardeners having fun was happening on the bus-the rest was dusty memories coming out. I got motion sick so to avoid puking, I had to sit up front. How mortifying. Right behind the bus driver. Oh well-time to act like a grown up and pretend I didn’t care.

And then I observed something really funny-there is a kit, right next to the first aid kit, called the, “Body fluid cleanup kit”. I guess I’m not the only one who might puke-or get rid of other body fluids. The laughter broke the spell and I felt like me again and now I feel sad for the little girl who was so miserable and happy that I have come so far.

Thanx to my inner and outer Goddess for getting me here.



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5 responses to “Body Fluid Clean Up Kit-Elementary School Memories

  1. I had this experience once, going on a field trip with my nephews. I had never ridden a bus as a kid since we lived close enough to walk (2 miles back then was close enough), so no horrible memories from that but flashbacks to the incredible anxiety I had every day. I think about my school days a lot now as I’m beginning to homeschool my two (they’re 5 and 4). I did so well in school, and yet it was traumatic and damaging other ways. I remember a little girl who was always afraid — of people, of failure. I’ve come a long way since then, too. Do we all spend our lives overcoming childhood?

  2. It does seem that way sometimes. I pray that my son does not live that way too. I was an unhappy child but I just keep reminding myself that I turned out well. I am thinking of homeschooling this coming fall too. How is it going for you? I think I will drive on the next field trip. If there is one.

  3. Well, I know that my hubby was known for puking on a particular school field trip, and this gets brought up by his school chums every once in a while…He gets pukey on shuttle busses, too. Oh, meant to mention that all teachers have body fluid cleanup kits in the schools in which I’ve worked, and they consist of rubber cloves and a bag to put the body fluid in to dispose of it, that sort of thing, and it is in response to HIV / Hepatitis C., and other blood-born pathogens. I mean, it is to protect the cleaner-upper from being contaminated. Not sure if this is the item that was on the bus, but it is like how nurses and dentists wear gloves now, when they didn’t used to have. That reminds me…Times change, life seems so much more complicated now than it used to be, but it was probably pretty complicated back then, but who knows. I guess the Almighty gives us the tools to deal with and make the best out of whatever times we are put in. As for home schooling, it is a very interesting topic, to be sure. I was thinking today that it would be great to continue to be around my little ones as they get bigger, but the schools are so great where I live that I’d be selfish to do it. I think it depends on the quality of the schools, and every region is different. That’s probably an oversimplification.

    Hugs to you, Celeste.

  4. I wonder if it is more complicated or if it just seems it because we are grown ups now. I realize that the kit was a way of having a sanitary solution-I guess the specific name of it made me laugh.

    I remembered circus trips where the elephants let loose and the whole system that the workers have to clean it up.

  5. Well, that is interesting! As for growing up & insecurities and such, part of that is due to where we all grew up…The area is known for snotty cliquishness! So, it was hard for lots of us to fit in. For me, the best part of growing up has been that I get to choose what type of people I can be around most of the time, and that being around folks who aren’t superficial snobs helps!

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