The Three Essential Must Haves For Being Sexy

There are lots of things that I do to feel sexy. There are other things that I do to look sexy. I won’t go into the list but lets just say that it is long and involved. Everything from exercise, clothing, makeup, self talk, hair etc…

So the other night, I was in the heat of passion with my hubby. He told me that I was really sexy and I asked him why. It was basically a list of three things:

1. I like sex

2. I have big boobs

3. The color of the inside of my vagina is apparently a nice rosy pink (I have embellished that if you can believe it).

So, ladies, there you have it. The three essentials from the perspective of a man. I know that each man has a slightly different list. But not that different. Maybe round butt or long legs, instead of big boobs but that’s about it.

Keep that in mind the next time you feel the eye lash curler and bikini wax are ESSENTIAL!




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2 responses to “The Three Essential Must Haves For Being Sexy

  1. Hi Dear!

    Yes, by all means, you are a very sexy lady and it is terrific to hear that your hubby responds to this intrinsic trait!

    But, uh, fyi, tmi.

    Lots of Love,

  2. I know-tmi-but I just think it’s funny that we try so hard to make our hair look good and our clothes and endless other details and it’s just not that important to most men. I know that those things are a nice addition but I feel like without the nitty gritty the overall funniness and pointlessness of our endless worrying is lost. Tx for the comment!

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