Idol Chat-Never Count Your Chickens

Lessons from American Idol.

Be your true self. When the artists let their sprit shine it was apparent. David Cook really struggles with this as he’s a bit of a renegade but also a sweet heart at heart. He tends to forget the sweetness and go with the renegade but the sweetness is what makes him excellent. David A is so sweet that sometimes he seems sickly but when his heart and courage shine through he is excellent.

Take the coaching. David Cook was too confident tonight. His performances are stronger when he does not pick his own music and he is given something to sing that he has to really push to make original and good. He has been told that he comes across as conceited when he does this but he has not learned the lesson yet. David Archuleta has consistently taken in the coaching and gone with it.

Never count your chickens. You’re not done being excellent as long as the results are important.

You never know where life will take you. The winners and losers will have their own paths, each valuable and ultimately worthwhile.

I went in wanting to vote for David Cook but went out voting for David Archuleta-he was sensational.


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