How To Feel Like A Goddess Today

Feeling down?  Want to lose weight? Want to improve your self esteem? We can all feel better, more goddess like without losing a pound! Read on…

No matter what our health issues, body weight and appearance issues are, we all deserve to feel like Goddesses today. Let’s start by posting lots of our favorite pictures of ourselves around so that we feel like beautiful goddesses and treat ourselves accordingly.

We all deserve to feel good. I know I talk about this a lot but I must mention it again-all women should “self pleasure” at least three times a week. It reduces anxiety, improves body image, improves self esteem and improves our overall sex life too. Yes-you can enjoys sex with someone else more if you enjoy it with yourself. Men do it. They don’t usually need to be told. They can’t help themselves.

That is wonderful-let’s join them! If you don’t know how, or don’t enjoy it, that’s ok. Start small. I will not get into the explicit mechanics of it because it’s not rocket science. (Well sometimes it may take advantage of rocket science…) What is difficult is to prioritize it. To make sure that you learn how, enjoy your body and love yourself. Three times a week minimum.

Look, I’m not suggesting that you whip out your rabbit at the next really stressful PTA meeting but at home, rather than turning on the TV or whatever-take some time out for you. You deserve it and you will feel better in every area of your life.



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3 responses to “How To Feel Like A Goddess Today

  1. It is one of the items in the catechism that I really struggle with. My religion (I’m not preaching, just explaining) doesn’t think very highly of, uh, stroking the rabbit.

    Thanks be to goodness, however, it does say that I can engage in relations with my hubby (it is even considered “chaste” to do so), as that is one of my favorite things to do.

    However, I have to say that sometimes I worry that I’m addicted to it! It is better than chocolate. How does one know if they are a love addict?

    Uh, Love,

  2. To respond to your question seriously you know that you are an addict when you use it too often to avoid dealing with life-otherwise-enjoy!

    You know that I’m not the bible believer that you are but I wonder what the exact wording is. Is it the original words that say it’s wrong or the interpretation?

    Also, is it for women or just men? It’s not like we’re spilling our seed or that it makes us less fertile or anything.

    It seems to me that the primary reason it was forbidden is that there was a real concern that the human race might die out or that people might not bother with farming and stuff but since we are not in danger of either of these-why not?

    Why would God/dess give us this beautiful, peaceful way of enjoying our bodies unless we were meant to use it? Maybe s/he knew that we would get so caught up in our thoughts and brains-so different from all other species-that we needed a way to unplug and remember that we are creatures of the earth just like everything else?

    That’s my 2 cents anyway.

  3. Well, I guess it is better to procreate than to recreate, according to the particular religion that I’m a member. Some countries and segments of society have very low birthrates, and also the, uh, equipment is put there for the purposes of propagating the species. However, it is something that I struggle with because….It is difficult!

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