Feeling Like A Goddess

I find it seriously annoying that the big message out there for feeling like a goddess is a razor for women. I do not even want to mention the name as I do not want to give them any accidental advertising. URGH! Also that the only show that teaches women how to love their bodies is hosted by a gay man! It’s a great show but please??? Can’t we do better than this?



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3 responses to “Feeling Like A Goddess

  1. Margie

    Here! Here! What does a gay man know about being a goddess??? (And that razor is awful!) I love your blog and have been reading and following along with your lap band progress for sometime. Congrats and I look forward to hearing more of your results as it is a procedure I have toyed with for some time now.

    Question for you – I have also been following along with the break up of Pixie Mama on BusyTarp. This morning, I received a message stating that I needed to be invited. Do you know how I contact her to be invited, or can you forward this to her?

    All my support to you both – you’re each going through different things, but both are life changing and both require a lot of strength – strength that is due the utmost respect!

    Peace be with you both,


  2. Margie,

    Thanx for reading and commenting. Pixie Momma is a friend of mine and I can forward her your info but your email is not in your comment. Can you please send it to me? goddessceleste@comcast.net

    Blessings to you!

  3. Margie,

    I would also be happy to answer any questions you have about lap band. It’s very difficult but so was life before the band-only I wasn’t getting thinner! I’m down 44lbs and will weight again on Fri.

    I believe that it is totally worth the difficulty but it is a really individual decision and, we are all goddesses at any size!


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