I’m down 50 lbs – what’s your response?

I am now down 50 lbs as of 6/6/08. YEAH! I am very grateful for my wonderful progress. It’s interesting to me that people who are normal weight think that I’ve lost a ton and people who either are overweight or have struggled with their weight think that my progress is slow. I also have thought that my progress was slow.

I think that, at least for me, I have been so unable in the past to see progress and be happy with it that I never experience it. I am now learning how to acknowledge my own success and feel proud of it instead of looking for fault and thinking it’s not enough.

So-When someone tells you that they lost 50 lbs in 5 months-if you think that is slow-I invite you to look at your own life and see where you are being so critical that you are not progressing or moving forward.

Goddess blessings to all,




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4 responses to “I’m down 50 lbs – what’s your response?

  1. congrats and good luck.. 😉
    It is therefore very important to create a balance between exercise, rest and diet to stay healthy and fit. Exercising too much and eating too little will not do you any good so forget about reducing your food and fluid intake to reduce your body size and weight fast. You will get sick if you do that.

  2. Jonathan,

    Thanx for your comment. I agree-for me I could never do it on my own. My appetite always won. So lap band surgery has been very freeing. It is still lots of hard work, I still have to make good food choices and exercise but it has enabled me to do that. Something that 20+ years of working on it on my own could never accomplish.

  3. loobiesmith

    I am only about 8-9 weeks post op, so I am not down that much – nonetheless, the weight on my shoulders has been relieved!
    I look forward to posting these sort of results too!
    You must feel so amazing?

  4. hipmom76

    Congratulations! that is fantastic, and it’s actually really fast!

    That’s wonderful – I’m still working on that. Thank you for the inspiration, it greatly helps.

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