Goddessness Update

I just wanted to update everyone. I’ve been busy. I am beginning work on the book, Goddessness which is all about how to feel like a Goddess in the modern world. It’s really important to me that I write it while I’m still fat/obese/curvy because I don’t want it to look like I just lost weight and then felt like a Goddess. I am feeling better in lots of ways but still feel sexy and successful at 300+. Feeling like a Goddess is not a body size and I feel that if I write the book after I’m a small size that message will be less powerful.

We’ve also adopted two kittens into our home, so now we have 5. 2 lucky males and 3 Goddessy females. One of the things that I love about the cats is how they just have an innate sense that they are worthy of worship. They are warm, affectionate and very independent. I will post pix shortly.

Also, in a more mundane sense, I am adapting to the summer life. My 6 year old son didn’t like his summer camp so we’ve adapted to a three day a week work week for me, with him at his grandpa’s and a local babysitter for those days and me off two days a week. I still end up working most weekends but love the extra time with him and at the pool. I am a water Goddess I guess.

I would love to hear your comments about the book, about how you feel like a Goddess, what your challenges are and if you have any suggestions for the “subtitle”. Goddessness: ???

Goddess love to all!




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2 responses to “Goddessness Update

  1. Tell us more about the book, is it going to be inspirational genre? Are you going to talk about your life story? When do you hope to complete it? Do you have a publisher in mind?

    BTW, have been meaning to mention that I had a really, really good experience using “mindfulness meditation” at the dentist, my cleaning was very relaxing (and no cavities, but that is besides the point). Hygentist kept complimenting me on how great I am for going every 6-months, it was a fun experience. Funny though, she did ask if I was OK when I was staring at the ceiling, but I was just trying to be mindful of my surroundings and to be “present in the moment” and all that!

    Oh, they say that yoga and meditation are two ways to beat the “flight or fight” response and to get a “relaxation response.” I am into this reading, as it is helping me to relax and be less perfectionistic and critical of myself, and more compassionate of myself.

    Oh, also wanted to mention that the last photo on your weight loss blog is of a “before” photo, well really 15-pounds into the weight loss journey, and I was wondering if you’ve taken a more recent picture?


  2. loobiesmith

    I feel like I got a new, better, life when I got the lap-band.

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