What you are doing is already profound-no pressure needed

We put so much pressure on ourselves to be profound-to make a difference. I think that the metaphysical conversation can make it worse sometimes. The teachings about putting out positive messages to receive positive things can frequently be heard by women as pressure to never think anything negative or never to focus on mediocre things like paying bills or not hating our jobs.

We spend so much of our energy feeling bad about what we  are not doing and how we haven’t changed the world instead of just being grateful to ourselves for providing what ever it is that we do.

I was reading a story in Pink Magazine about how post disaster assistance is usually planned by men and some basic things that women need like tampons are just overlooked. Additionally, once the disaster is over most of the jobs are for men as they are primarily in construction. So for quite a long period of time a woman without a man is helpless and her whole family may go hungry as a result of that.

One of the things that can be done for these women is to provide micro loans. One such woman used the loan that she received to buy a brick mold. I don’t think that she spends much of her time feeling guilty about her contribution but is mostly grateful that she can feed her family and provide work for some other widows too.

So I guess all this is to say that it’s ok to just focus on the little picture and give yourself a break about the bigger one. When I am working and wondering if I am doing it right I remember the brick maker and feel grateful to myself and Goddess.


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Goddessness Update

I just wanted to update everyone. I’ve been busy. I am beginning work on the book, Goddessness which is all about how to feel like a Goddess in the modern world. It’s really important to me that I write it while I’m still fat/obese/curvy because I don’t want it to look like I just lost weight and then felt like a Goddess. I am feeling better in lots of ways but still feel sexy and successful at 300+. Feeling like a Goddess is not a body size and I feel that if I write the book after I’m a small size that message will be less powerful.

We’ve also adopted two kittens into our home, so now we have 5. 2 lucky males and 3 Goddessy females. One of the things that I love about the cats is how they just have an innate sense that they are worthy of worship. They are warm, affectionate and very independent. I will post pix shortly.

Also, in a more mundane sense, I am adapting to the summer life. My 6 year old son didn’t like his summer camp so we’ve adapted to a three day a week work week for me, with him at his grandpa’s and a local babysitter for those days and me off two days a week. I still end up working most weekends but love the extra time with him and at the pool. I am a water Goddess I guess.

I would love to hear your comments about the book, about how you feel like a Goddess, what your challenges are and if you have any suggestions for the “subtitle”. Goddessness: ???

Goddess love to all!



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I’m down 50 lbs – what’s your response?

I am now down 50 lbs as of 6/6/08. YEAH! I am very grateful for my wonderful progress. It’s interesting to me that people who are normal weight think that I’ve lost a ton and people who either are overweight or have struggled with their weight think that my progress is slow. I also have thought that my progress was slow.

I think that, at least for me, I have been so unable in the past to see progress and be happy with it that I never experience it. I am now learning how to acknowledge my own success and feel proud of it instead of looking for fault and thinking it’s not enough.

So-When someone tells you that they lost 50 lbs in 5 months-if you think that is slow-I invite you to look at your own life and see where you are being so critical that you are not progressing or moving forward.

Goddess blessings to all,



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Best Rice On The Planet

Best Rice On The Planet-I actually bought this on a a lark at Whole Foods because I was in a hurry and it is actually the best rice that I’ve ever had. It’s “Village Harvest: Jasmine Long Grain Fragrant Rice: Thai Hom Mali Rice”. Yummm-and it cooks quickly too-about 13 minutes! And it doesn’t clog up my band. Yeah Yummy Things!

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Feeling Like A Goddess

I find it seriously annoying that the big message out there for feeling like a goddess is a razor for women. I do not even want to mention the name as I do not want to give them any accidental advertising. URGH! Also that the only show that teaches women how to love their bodies is hosted by a gay man! It’s a great show but please??? Can’t we do better than this?


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How To Feel Like A Goddess Today

Feeling down?  Want to lose weight? Want to improve your self esteem? We can all feel better, more goddess like without losing a pound! Read on…

No matter what our health issues, body weight and appearance issues are, we all deserve to feel like Goddesses today. Let’s start by posting lots of our favorite pictures of ourselves around so that we feel like beautiful goddesses and treat ourselves accordingly.

We all deserve to feel good. I know I talk about this a lot but I must mention it again-all women should “self pleasure” at least three times a week. It reduces anxiety, improves body image, improves self esteem and improves our overall sex life too. Yes-you can enjoys sex with someone else more if you enjoy it with yourself. Men do it. They don’t usually need to be told. They can’t help themselves.

That is wonderful-let’s join them! If you don’t know how, or don’t enjoy it, that’s ok. Start small. I will not get into the explicit mechanics of it because it’s not rocket science. (Well sometimes it may take advantage of rocket science…) What is difficult is to prioritize it. To make sure that you learn how, enjoy your body and love yourself. Three times a week minimum.

Look, I’m not suggesting that you whip out your rabbit at the next really stressful PTA meeting but at home, rather than turning on the TV or whatever-take some time out for you. You deserve it and you will feel better in every area of your life.


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Idol Chat-Never Count Your Chickens

Lessons from American Idol.

Be your true self. When the artists let their sprit shine it was apparent. David Cook really struggles with this as he’s a bit of a renegade but also a sweet heart at heart. He tends to forget the sweetness and go with the renegade but the sweetness is what makes him excellent. David A is so sweet that sometimes he seems sickly but when his heart and courage shine through he is excellent.

Take the coaching. David Cook was too confident tonight. His performances are stronger when he does not pick his own music and he is given something to sing that he has to really push to make original and good. He has been told that he comes across as conceited when he does this but he has not learned the lesson yet. David Archuleta has consistently taken in the coaching and gone with it.

Never count your chickens. You’re not done being excellent as long as the results are important.

You never know where life will take you. The winners and losers will have their own paths, each valuable and ultimately worthwhile.

I went in wanting to vote for David Cook but went out voting for David Archuleta-he was sensational.

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