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Why women don’t make as much as men

I think I know why women don’t make as much money as men. We have to spend so much dealing with our hormones! It’s really hard to be professional when you really just want to disembowel everyone in the room! I know that is kind of a sexist perspective-but damn-I’m sick of restraining myself from a killing spree!


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Sperm Wars-Empowering Women!

I just ordered the book, Sperm Wars: Infidelity, Sexual Conflict, and Other Bedroom Battles, on Amazon. It was a ground breaking book written by a scientist. She (Robin Baker) learned that women are designed to have multiple partners biologically. While I’m not interested in cheating on hubby I still find the concept very empowering. We are the ones who ultimately choose who is best fit to carry on the human race-not men.

Anyway-I haven’t read it-looking forward to learning more…


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Let’s All Have Cake!

I feel like my Goddess identity has been a bit squashed. She does not know how to communicate her message to the world. She wants to tell women that the process of learning to love themselves is a sexual one first. Then it’s about trust. Then it’s about respect. Then it’s about boundaries (with the self first) and finally it is one of spreading the word.

As annoying as those Jehovah’s Witnesses are-they are willing to spread the word of their faith in a world where many do not want to hear. As a goddess lover I feel the need to hide. I will come out of hiding.

Do you masturbate? Do you enjoy sex with a partner? Start there. Those who believe that it is wrong or not necessary are denying a gift that Goddess gave us. Would you say no to a calorie free and healthy cake at a party? If it was the best cake in the universe and would only help you or at least leave you no worse off than you already are? No. Well orgasms are like that. Free-no calories-they do not hurt anyone. This gift was given to us to help us cope with the rest of reality! Use it!!!


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Look beyond your parts-to see your whole!

This month, at my lab band support group, there will be several different plastic surgeons coming to talk. I am not going. I understand that some people have tons of leftover skin after losing weight. I also feel like it just encourages the perfection conversation. Every fat person that I know, over analyzes their faults-at least the small ones.

I sawa woman who had lost 100 lbs recently. She is still overweight. She feels as if she’s done nothing and the first thing that she did was jiggle her underarms. “I hate these!” she declared with disgust.

I told her that most people, at least the kind of people who we care about, don’t just look right at our underarms the moment they see us. They also don’t look right at our thighs or go on a cellulite search. They just look at US!

I know women of all sizes who focus on some partcular body part that they hate and that is the first thing they see in the mirror.

The journey of Goddessness is to learn to love ourselves as whole creatures. To understand that no one is perfect and that no matter what we look like we deserve to feel like a Goddess. I do this some days better than others. Overall-I feel good about myself and grateful and when I don’t – I too must remember my own words.

When people see you they just see you-they do not zoom in on the body parts (well maybe breasts or legs but usually that’s because they like them!).

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What you are doing is already profound-no pressure needed

We put so much pressure on ourselves to be profound-to make a difference. I think that the metaphysical conversation can make it worse sometimes. The teachings about putting out positive messages to receive positive things can frequently be heard by women as pressure to never think anything negative or never to focus on mediocre things like paying bills or not hating our jobs.

We spend so much of our energy feeling bad about what we  are not doing and how we haven’t changed the world instead of just being grateful to ourselves for providing what ever it is that we do.

I was reading a story in Pink Magazine about how post disaster assistance is usually planned by men and some basic things that women need like tampons are just overlooked. Additionally, once the disaster is over most of the jobs are for men as they are primarily in construction. So for quite a long period of time a woman without a man is helpless and her whole family may go hungry as a result of that.

One of the things that can be done for these women is to provide micro loans. One such woman used the loan that she received to buy a brick mold. I don’t think that she spends much of her time feeling guilty about her contribution but is mostly grateful that she can feed her family and provide work for some other widows too.

So I guess all this is to say that it’s ok to just focus on the little picture and give yourself a break about the bigger one. When I am working and wondering if I am doing it right I remember the brick maker and feel grateful to myself and Goddess.

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A Day Off Full of Goddessness!

Nobody has a business called Goddessness. It’s mine-slowly my Goddess empire will take over the world. Really it’s everyone’s Goddess empire-but we’ll keep that between you me and the billions of lamposts that we call the human race. We will take over the world and the pursuit of all the Ps will be eminenet, Pleasure, Power, Passion, Prayer, Pinball (Well-it begins with P!)…I’ll add more later.

Do I sound crazy today? Maybe it’s the crazy sound of freedom! Hubby and son have gone off to visit the out laws in Charleston, SC and will be gone until tomorrow night. Due to a slight falling out, the out laws want nothing to do with me, which is ok for today! I am a free woman/Goddess. Also, I begin the Fast Track Detox Diet tomorrow on the way to my lap band surgery on the 10th of Jan. So….I am eating whatever I want today. No meal times, no feeding anyone else, no health guidlines, just me me me!

Another pure pleasure of mine is watching movies. After a visit to Yahoo Movies to determine that there was not one thing that I really cared about I hunkered down in my wonderful Lazy Goddess chair and have watched two wonderful movies. Stardust and Flakes. Flakes is an indie that is on Comcast On Demand and worth every penny of the $6.99 that I paid to watch it. Wonderful! I really enjoyed Stardust too. I like happy movies. I like romance. I like the pursuit of passion and pleasure!

I like the pursuit of Goddess. Goddessness. Let’s all catch it like a pandemic and spread it all over the world! On with my day of pleasure!

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