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Thank you Goddess for this life

The bittersweet times make us feel the beauty of life. We are not victims-it is hard to stand by that.

I have felt more like a business woman lately-but not so much like a Goddess. I feel that my hubby wants me to lock my sexual self up in our bedroom and I want to release her to the world. Am I fulfilling a prophecy-dooming myself to suburban secrecy or am I just doing what I need to so that my family can be close and then my wild self will emerge when things are safer-when my darling son is grown and my hubby is more settled in his power.

He is so incredibly powerful. He just doesn’t know how to encompass it yet.

Blessings on us-I suppose one could say that of me too.

My baby boy-not really a baby-6 already-he is a beacon of light-an explosion.

Thank you Goddess for this life.



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Plumbing and other cosmic blunders

An Ode to the sink

spent 4 f%#king hours trying to unclog kitchen sink
hubby made numerous trips to hardward superstore to acquire correct tool
clog is finally out and now the pipes won’t fit back together again
no clog-now leak
we question our intellectual prowess
we question the purchase of house
we question our own lives
we question…

So now we must pay for our home plumbing to be unclogged and my personal plumbing to be clogged

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