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Let’s All Have Cake!

I feel like my Goddess identity has been a bit squashed. She does not know how to communicate her message to the world. She wants to tell women that the process of learning to love themselves is a sexual one first. Then it’s about trust. Then it’s about respect. Then it’s about boundaries (with the self first) and finally it is one of spreading the word.

As annoying as those Jehovah’s Witnesses are-they are willing to spread the word of their faith in a world where many do not want to hear. As a goddess lover I feel the need to hide. I will come out of hiding.

Do you masturbate? Do you enjoy sex with a partner? Start there. Those who believe that it is wrong or not necessary are denying a gift that Goddess gave us. Would you say no to a calorie free and healthy cake at a party? If it was the best cake in the universe and would only help you or at least leave you no worse off than you already are? No. Well orgasms are like that. Free-no calories-they do not hurt anyone. This gift was given to us to help us cope with the rest of reality! Use it!!!



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Cure for stress, hysteria and whatever else ails ya.

Revolutionary treatment for: hysteria, furrowed foreheads, sore throats and bony arms. I suggest all women check out the Slate.com slideshow that I’ve linked to about the history of the vibrator. It turns out that hysterical and stressed out women have been brought to “hysterical paroxysm” by doctors since the time of Hippocrates. In the 19th century it was all the rage. I guess the population of hysterical women really exploded at this point. Doctors did not want to take up to an hour giving a vulvular massage, thus the vibrator was invented. It was the fifth electrical home appliance that was invented.

So, ladies, feeling depressed, stressed, hysterical? Perhaps a vulvular masage is just what the doctor ordered. Excuse me, I suddenly remember a pressing appointment that I must keep…

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