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Let’s All Have Cake!

I feel like my Goddess identity has been a bit squashed. She does not know how to communicate her message to the world. She wants to tell women that the process of learning to love themselves is a sexual one first. Then it’s about trust. Then it’s about respect. Then it’s about boundaries (with the self first) and finally it is one of spreading the word.

As annoying as those Jehovah’s Witnesses are-they are willing to spread the word of their faith in a world where many do not want to hear. As a goddess lover I feel the need to hide. I will come out of hiding.

Do you masturbate? Do you enjoy sex with a partner? Start there. Those who believe that it is wrong or not necessary are denying a gift that Goddess gave us. Would you say no to a calorie free and healthy cake at a party? If it was the best cake in the universe and would only help you or at least leave you no worse off than you already are? No. Well orgasms are like that. Free-no calories-they do not hurt anyone. This gift was given to us to help us cope with the rest of reality! Use it!!!



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How To Feel Like A Goddess Today

Feeling down?  Want to lose weight? Want to improve your self esteem? We can all feel better, more goddess like without losing a pound! Read on…

No matter what our health issues, body weight and appearance issues are, we all deserve to feel like Goddesses today. Let’s start by posting lots of our favorite pictures of ourselves around so that we feel like beautiful goddesses and treat ourselves accordingly.

We all deserve to feel good. I know I talk about this a lot but I must mention it again-all women should “self pleasure” at least three times a week. It reduces anxiety, improves body image, improves self esteem and improves our overall sex life too. Yes-you can enjoys sex with someone else more if you enjoy it with yourself. Men do it. They don’t usually need to be told. They can’t help themselves.

That is wonderful-let’s join them! If you don’t know how, or don’t enjoy it, that’s ok. Start small. I will not get into the explicit mechanics of it because it’s not rocket science. (Well sometimes it may take advantage of rocket science…) What is difficult is to prioritize it. To make sure that you learn how, enjoy your body and love yourself. Three times a week minimum.

Look, I’m not suggesting that you whip out your rabbit at the next really stressful PTA meeting but at home, rather than turning on the TV or whatever-take some time out for you. You deserve it and you will feel better in every area of your life.


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Lookin’ Good-Inside and Out

Today is day 8 post op. I am getting somewhat into a rhythm. I am making sure to have all my protein each day as that is crucial for healing. I also finally got the fiber that my doc recommended, it’s called, Benefiber. It actually dissolved so well that I really couldn’t tell it was mixed in. I had a liquid multi/fiber drink and felt so healthy! I recommend this fiber for anyone! Hubby asked if it “worked”. I will have to get back to you on that. I recommend it for anyone!

Let’s see-there is much to report. On Tuesday night-I reclaimed my body! I actually took the time (and yes it took while) to have my first post op orgasm! YEAH! It wasn’t the greatest one ever, but I was so glad to have my self back. I really feel that a woman’s ability to pleasure herself if so connected with her spirit and power-I am glad to report that I am back in the solitary saddle. I think that I will have to wait for the incisions to heal for a bit longer before getting back in the saddle with Hubby. It’s so great that I don’t have to be dependent on anyone for my own orgasm!

Why is it important? I believe that Goddess gave us the ability for a great reason! Why would we be able to cause ourselves such joy without any negative consequences (except those sometimes imposed by society) unless it was a vital part of our existence? So ladies reading this – if you’re not already on the bandwagon-please climb on and have some fun! Ok, I’ll get off my soap box now.

Next, I saw this great show yesterday, called, How to Look Good Naked. It’s on Lifetime. Hosted by Carson Kressley of Queer Eye For the Straight Guy fame. I find if frustrating that it takes a gay man to teach women how to love their bodies but at least someone is doing it! Plus he is really funny. I want to be really really clear that just because I had weight loss surgery does not mean that I think that I have to be thin to be beautiful. I have achieve a weight where I cannot do the things that I dream of, I have difficulty playing with my son, I cannot fit into lots of chairs including airplane seats, I can barely buckle my car seat belt, I have difficulty reaching my butt for wiping, and sex is less enjoyable because of my big belly. So, all the gory detail is to tell you that I still think I am beautiful and sexy. I am excited about getting smaller for lots of reasons and yes, some of them are about clothes and appearance but I do not think that I need to be a small woman to be a sexy one. Also, I will never have a perfect body, since NO ONE does and will continue to learn to love me more every day. I also got the surgery because I have spent a life time obsessing about what to eat and what not to eat and I am ready to spend my energy on other pursuits. I recommend this show because it teaches all women to love their bodies and enjoy them as they are today!

So, I love the show because it take women who are really pretty normal and teaches them to love and flaunt their body.

I think that is about it for me for now. I with that I could find a photographer who would do a tasteful line of nude photos for me-photographers out there-new biz opp!


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A Day Off Full of Goddessness!

Nobody has a business called Goddessness. It’s mine-slowly my Goddess empire will take over the world. Really it’s everyone’s Goddess empire-but we’ll keep that between you me and the billions of lamposts that we call the human race. We will take over the world and the pursuit of all the Ps will be eminenet, Pleasure, Power, Passion, Prayer, Pinball (Well-it begins with P!)…I’ll add more later.

Do I sound crazy today? Maybe it’s the crazy sound of freedom! Hubby and son have gone off to visit the out laws in Charleston, SC and will be gone until tomorrow night. Due to a slight falling out, the out laws want nothing to do with me, which is ok for today! I am a free woman/Goddess. Also, I begin the Fast Track Detox Diet tomorrow on the way to my lap band surgery on the 10th of Jan. So….I am eating whatever I want today. No meal times, no feeding anyone else, no health guidlines, just me me me!

Another pure pleasure of mine is watching movies. After a visit to Yahoo Movies to determine that there was not one thing that I really cared about I hunkered down in my wonderful Lazy Goddess chair and have watched two wonderful movies. Stardust and Flakes. Flakes is an indie that is on Comcast On Demand and worth every penny of the $6.99 that I paid to watch it. Wonderful! I really enjoyed Stardust too. I like happy movies. I like romance. I like the pursuit of passion and pleasure!

I like the pursuit of Goddess. Goddessness. Let’s all catch it like a pandemic and spread it all over the world! On with my day of pleasure!

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