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I’m down 50 lbs – what’s your response?

I am now down 50 lbs as of 6/6/08. YEAH! I am very grateful for my wonderful progress. It’s interesting to me that people who are normal weight think that I’ve lost a ton and people who either are overweight or have struggled with their weight think that my progress is slow. I also have thought that my progress was slow.

I think that, at least for me, I have been so unable in the past to see progress and be happy with it that I never experience it. I am now learning how to acknowledge my own success and feel proud of it instead of looking for fault and thinking it’s not enough.

So-When someone tells you that they lost 50 lbs in 5 months-if you think that is slow-I invite you to look at your own life and see where you are being so critical that you are not progressing or moving forward.

Goddess blessings to all,




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Feeling Like A Goddess

I find it seriously annoying that the big message out there for feeling like a goddess is a razor for women. I do not even want to mention the name as I do not want to give them any accidental advertising. URGH! Also that the only show that teaches women how to love their bodies is hosted by a gay man! It’s a great show but please??? Can’t we do better than this?


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How To Feel Like A Goddess Today

Feeling down?  Want to lose weight? Want to improve your self esteem? We can all feel better, more goddess like without losing a pound! Read on…

No matter what our health issues, body weight and appearance issues are, we all deserve to feel like Goddesses today. Let’s start by posting lots of our favorite pictures of ourselves around so that we feel like beautiful goddesses and treat ourselves accordingly.

We all deserve to feel good. I know I talk about this a lot but I must mention it again-all women should “self pleasure” at least three times a week. It reduces anxiety, improves body image, improves self esteem and improves our overall sex life too. Yes-you can enjoys sex with someone else more if you enjoy it with yourself. Men do it. They don’t usually need to be told. They can’t help themselves.

That is wonderful-let’s join them! If you don’t know how, or don’t enjoy it, that’s ok. Start small. I will not get into the explicit mechanics of it because it’s not rocket science. (Well sometimes it may take advantage of rocket science…) What is difficult is to prioritize it. To make sure that you learn how, enjoy your body and love yourself. Three times a week minimum.

Look, I’m not suggesting that you whip out your rabbit at the next really stressful PTA meeting but at home, rather than turning on the TV or whatever-take some time out for you. You deserve it and you will feel better in every area of your life.


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The Three Essential Must Haves For Being Sexy

There are lots of things that I do to feel sexy. There are other things that I do to look sexy. I won’t go into the list but lets just say that it is long and involved. Everything from exercise, clothing, makeup, self talk, hair etc…

So the other night, I was in the heat of passion with my hubby. He told me that I was really sexy and I asked him why. It was basically a list of three things:

1. I like sex

2. I have big boobs

3. The color of the inside of my vagina is apparently a nice rosy pink (I have embellished that if you can believe it).

So, ladies, there you have it. The three essentials from the perspective of a man. I know that each man has a slightly different list. But not that different. Maybe round butt or long legs, instead of big boobs but that’s about it.

Keep that in mind the next time you feel the eye lash curler and bikini wax are ESSENTIAL!



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The Ugly Duckling Is A Goddess

I was nervous about life, the universe and everything last night so pulled an animal card for myself. I got the swan. I was thinking about the card and realized…

The ugly duckling did not become a swan-she was a swan all along and just didn’t realize it. I am already a swan. You are already a swan.

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Lost 16 Pounds First 2 Weeks Post Op-YEAH!

I got good news today-I lost 16 lbs since 1/10/08. I was kind of happy and kind of dissapointed. I know it sounds silly but I really thought it would be more. I am so good at sabotaging myself! So, I am thrilled with my weight loss and just don’t know how to get my mind around the big picture.

I find the urge to binge still hits and while I am not “beating the band” with ice cream I have pushed a few other limits. I am frustrated to find that I still must do things like feel myself and plan meals. A part of me wishes that I could just never have to eat!

If I plan and eat well then I do not get over hungry and I am ok. Tonight I went to a 4:20 movie with a friend (Pixie Momma-Busy Tarp) and did not want to deal with dinner after it was over. By the time she left my house it was 7pm and I was really hungry. I was afraid and overwhelmed. I find hunger so overwhelming! I overate. Still not too bad thanx to the band. But I am reminded of how well the band is working and how I still have to care for myself. Urgh! I just can’t be one of those gorgeous, skinny women who never stop to eat. I guess it does not serve them either.

Also, I ran out of a few foods that I rely on and thought I could just adapt. Well I didn’t do so great.

But-Good news. A friend called out to me today-she called “Goddess” and I responded without thinking! Yeah!

I am going to re-commence writing to my angels. I used to channel angels a lot but tapered off due to lots of things. If anything worth repeating comes out, I will post.

-Blessed Be

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Bless This B*TCH

On being a b*tch-we all are. Every Goddess is a b*tch. It is a part of us-we just cannot help it. Remember when you feel this way and think that whatever you are being b*tchy about seems really real-it may just be the inner b*tch flaring up and saying “HEAR ME”. “EXPRESS ME.”

She needs to be expressed and that’s ok. She is an important part of us-she protects us and keeps us from getting walked all over or from taking care of others ALL the time. Like a petulant child who declares,with all sincerity, “I hate you!” she also declares such bold feelings of dislike and riteousness for others. However, while we usually remember that the child really is just angry and does not hate us, we frequently forget the the b*tch is also just demanding for a feeling to be heard-not speaking great truths.

Take what she says as an indicator of unexpressed feelings or un-nurtured aspects of self-not as the the truth.

Bless My Inner B*itch-And yours too!

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