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Thank you Goddess for this life

The bittersweet times make us feel the beauty of life. We are not victims-it is hard to stand by that.

I have felt more like a business woman lately-but not so much like a Goddess. I feel that my hubby wants me to lock my sexual self up in our bedroom and I want to release her to the world. Am I fulfilling a prophecy-dooming myself to suburban secrecy or am I just doing what I need to so that my family can be close and then my wild self will emerge when things are safer-when my darling son is grown and my hubby is more settled in his power.

He is so incredibly powerful. He just doesn’t know how to encompass it yet.

Blessings on us-I suppose one could say that of me too.

My baby boy-not really a baby-6 already-he is a beacon of light-an explosion.

Thank you Goddess for this life.



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How To Feel Like A Goddess Today

Feeling down?  Want to lose weight? Want to improve your self esteem? We can all feel better, more goddess like without losing a pound! Read on…

No matter what our health issues, body weight and appearance issues are, we all deserve to feel like Goddesses today. Let’s start by posting lots of our favorite pictures of ourselves around so that we feel like beautiful goddesses and treat ourselves accordingly.

We all deserve to feel good. I know I talk about this a lot but I must mention it again-all women should “self pleasure” at least three times a week. It reduces anxiety, improves body image, improves self esteem and improves our overall sex life too. Yes-you can enjoys sex with someone else more if you enjoy it with yourself. Men do it. They don’t usually need to be told. They can’t help themselves.

That is wonderful-let’s join them! If you don’t know how, or don’t enjoy it, that’s ok. Start small. I will not get into the explicit mechanics of it because it’s not rocket science. (Well sometimes it may take advantage of rocket science…) What is difficult is to prioritize it. To make sure that you learn how, enjoy your body and love yourself. Three times a week minimum.

Look, I’m not suggesting that you whip out your rabbit at the next really stressful PTA meeting but at home, rather than turning on the TV or whatever-take some time out for you. You deserve it and you will feel better in every area of your life.


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The Three Essential Must Haves For Being Sexy

There are lots of things that I do to feel sexy. There are other things that I do to look sexy. I won’t go into the list but lets just say that it is long and involved. Everything from exercise, clothing, makeup, self talk, hair etc…

So the other night, I was in the heat of passion with my hubby. He told me that I was really sexy and I asked him why. It was basically a list of three things:

1. I like sex

2. I have big boobs

3. The color of the inside of my vagina is apparently a nice rosy pink (I have embellished that if you can believe it).

So, ladies, there you have it. The three essentials from the perspective of a man. I know that each man has a slightly different list. But not that different. Maybe round butt or long legs, instead of big boobs but that’s about it.

Keep that in mind the next time you feel the eye lash curler and bikini wax are ESSENTIAL!



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I grew up believing that hunger is bad

I’ve been having a hard time lately. Feeling the loss of a best friend-eating and food. Also feeling hungry and wanting to eat eat eat. Pixiemomma recommended that I try the eat every 3 hours thing and it seems to be working. I believe that I am still losing.

It’s weird but I grew up believing that hunger is bad-go figure-I became obese. So now, even with surgery, I must come to terms with being in a body. Loving the experience of eating and hunger. It is truly the Goddessness journey. I believe as we embrace more and more the experience of being in a body, it opens up our spirituality. They are inextricably linked.

Also, this week, I had days of migraines. I went back on the pill last month. On my off week my head exploded. Or at least I wished it would. So no pill for me. I’m looking for birth control solutions that work for a woman who is sensitive to chemicals and a man who does not liking wearing a condom. Goddesses like getting laid! Help!

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Pleasure-To Be Or Not To Be

Today I was thinking about relationships and how I used to think that sexuality was a black and white issue but now I don’t know. I used to think that couples should be having sex or else something is wrong. Lately I’ve been trying to let everyone just be where they are without judgement-not my stong suit. And my hubby and I haven’t been doing it regularly either. At first I really thought it was physical-hormonal. But now that my hormones are getting treatment (read post on adrenal fatigue) I see that I just don’t feel sexy.

Basically, if I’m in a good place, my hubby will follow but he will not lead. This is not really a criticism of him but merely an observation. I am just really willful and it’s hard to take me where I don’t really feel like going. I just don’t feel good about my stomach. It’s funny-I’ve been overweight since I was 6 and certainly have been since I was with my hubby. I weighed in the 225s when we first got married and now am up in the 350s. Big difference. Of all the fatty areas that bother me the most, it’s my stomach. Yuch. Between being so big and having had a baby it’s just not the stomach that I’m familiar with.

I can feel my tummy a lot when we’re doing it. And it gives me the creeps. I just judge myself so much. But now, I’m letting this judgement of me get in the way of intimacy and pleasure. Ugh. I think I feel like I need to suffer so that I’ll make hard changes. I just wish I could grok true change without suffering.

So, I will ponder pleasure and see if I can get out of my own way and have some.

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